Vincent Anthony Fenty

The world is a lot less vibrant without Vincent Anthony Fenty. Vincent also lovingly known as “Vinny”, was born in Saint Petersburg Florida on April 10, 2000 to his parents Angela Cappiello and Anthony Fenty.

 Vinny was loved by all, and brought the laughter and light into every room he graced with his unforgettable swagger.

Vinny loved music (especially melodic Rap and Country), working with his hands (with a specialty in iron working) and his family (he took especially great pride in being the very best uncle).

Vinny’s legacy was his ability to have the deepest conversations, to make you laugh if you were down, and to flash you his signature and unforgettable smile, while also captivating you by being the most unique and extraordinary person you have ever met. 

Vincent was courageous and he faced difficulties head on, and stood up stronger and taller every time he got knocked down. He was the shooting star of all our lives, illuminating it fully.

Vincent said his last joke on April 21, 2023 after a shopping spree with his Mom, and after texting his sister he loved her.

Vinny is survived by his mother Angela Cappiello, his father Anthony Fenty, his step father Jason Cappiello, his paternal grandmother Maria Meli, Paternal grandfather Victor Harris, maternal grandmother Karen Reese, sister Brooke Fenty, brother Tyler Fenty, his neices Zoey, Scarlett, and Raine, his nephew Matthew and Fiancée Brittany.

Vincent is also survived by many adopted siblings, friends, and extended family members who are absolutely devastated by his absence. 

Vincent, your comedic mind and brilliance will be forever missed. 

In loving and cherished memory.

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  1. Sine you moved to Florida all those years ago, you captured hearts, gave of yours freely and had an unrivaled sense of humor and style. One of the most creative, persistent, passionate man you grew into being. The stories of the hijinx and shenanigans, but also the deep sense of duty and service to your family and friends. Your life was so much more robust than any still frame or story could tell. You are absolutely missed. Your vibrance will be passed to the next generation through stories. You live on in the hearts of all that loved you.

    My deepest condolences to his family and all those who were close. There are no words that can make this passing less painful or sad. The grief will come in waves, sometimes big and sometimes small. The holidays and birthdays will have a sadness and an empty seat, and my hope is that seat is left for you in honor of all of the good times and good memories, the laughter and hugs, and million dollar smile, your unforgettable swag.

    I think souls that lives so courageously out loud that shine so bright are often destined to be here for a good time, not always a long time. I hope you have transcended to a place of pure peace and happiness, and if there are aliens you find a way to tell us you made it back to the mothership.

    Sending love to all the family and missing you so much.

  2. Shay..I cannot even begin to tell you what that means to me. You knew Vinny so well and this proves that. I love u bestie. Thank you for saving our lives so many damn times❤️🙏

  3. My deepest condolences Vinnie was my adopted Grandson and even though I didn’t see him much doesn’t mean I didn’t love him love to the whole family

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