Ruby J. McCown

In Loving Memory of Ruby J McCown❤️

Survived by her loved ones 

Daughter :Tammy Lank & (son in law)  Steve Lank

Son :Terry McCown & (daughter in law) Soraya McCown 

5 Amazingly  beautiful Grandchildren:

Chelsie , Amanda, Aria, Gian  & Gio

1 Great Grandson : Jace 

You may be out of our sight mom but we carry you very very close in our hearts every second of every day. Will miss you forever 🦋🦋🦋 Terry said everything so perfect and beautifully about you here as you are and we’re everything he stated, our world is what you were🌹

When most people hear, “Since my baby left me I found a new place to dwell” Elvis quickly comes to mind but for me it reminds me of my mom she was a #1 fan of the king of rock and roll. I recall watching his movies every time a marathon came on T.V sitting on the couch watching him sing his way into every girls heart, My mom’s giant heart included. She was an amazing woman who loved everyone and literately would give anything of herself to ensure her family and friends were happy. Nothing I can say, could describe how big her heart truly was. She also loved Tweety-Bird and like Tweety had the ability to fly away from whatever life threw at her and stay in her happy place. She was a believer in the ability of Mind over Manner, saying that she could beat anything as long as she believed she could. The loss of her will be felt for a long time and may never go away, she was the tie that bound many of us together over the years, yet I know she has found peace in being reunited with her lost love Terry McCown Sr. as well as her mother & father and they are looking down making sure we are all ok. There will be a day we will all be reunited to go watch Elvis in concert and enjoy some movies and snacks as we reminisce about her favorites. Mom although you are no longer with us, the love you shared with us for 63 years will never leave us.

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  1. I Love you more than you ever really knew , I will forever miss you as I will forever have a empty spot inside my soul that will not be filled until we meet again. Never thought that last time would be the last time I love you mom😘🦋🦋🦋 peace is what you have now and dad, love you both😢😘
    Love your daughter, Tammy

  2. I love you mom and miss you more than life itself. You were my life and I now hold a empty spot that will remain empty until we are together again🦋 this is my 2nd message as my first vanished I think . I’m sure you’ll get more from me on here , I love you woman and as selfish as I can be I know your now at peace and with dad as you were just tired here and ready. I love you🦋🦋🦋

  3. Ruby you’ll remain in the hearts of all who loved you.You was the best Sister in Law anyone could ever ask for, you will always be in my heart as the days pass but your sweet memory will always remain you are now with all who left before to prepare your heavenly home Rest in Peace “Sissy” until we meet again I love you 💔

  4. Ruby… Girl we are going to miss you! You had the biggest laugh, so witty…. Quick to call us out when we needed it and just as quick to give us a big hug. You treated my kids like they were your own and they referred to you and Terry as their grandparents. You were also the dirtiest poker player I ever met. I still think you cheated btw. Love love love you. Give big Terry a hug for us as I am sure he was there waiting for you. 💗

  5. To my former sister in law from many years ago….
    You were always remembered and loved by me and you always will be. I am thankful that I have my beautiful niece and great niece in my life. You too Jace (whom I’ve never met yet). May you rest in peace . There are two songs I remember hearing you sing. If God is dead then who’s this living in my soul. The other one is Build my mansion. Now I have one for you and that’s Look for me for I will be there too. I’ll see you again…… Love you 💜

  6. I’ve felt broken inside everyday since the day you left and I don’t know how to not feel this way but missing you hurts like no other has ever felt and I just go day by day with my inside feelings. I love you mom , I hope it’s true I believe it is that someday I will see
    You again until than I just look up at the sky knowing your up there somewhere looking down at us telling us it will all be ok 😢😘

  7. My first Mothers Day without you has now passed and I missed seeing you , hugging you , telling you to smile for all my pics I just miss you so damn much that everyday is a battle in my head . I’m having a hard time when I actually realize that you are gone as sometimes it just doesn’t seem real but I know it is cause I can’t see you , touch you , hear you 😢. I hope someday I will feel your arms hug me and tell me sissy it’s ok , you will be ok , boy I miss life with you and dad. Still hard to believe but I have no choice . Thanks again for making me who I am and always being there for me regardless. I’ll never feel the love again that I felt from you and dad and that I miss!!!!! I love you mom and dad forever and I’ll continue to miss you forever until we are together again…❤️💕❤️

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