Paul Curl

Paul was a loving husband, father, nephew, cousin, son and friend. He was a hardworking man with the most amazing sense of humor. He loved making people laugh. He had so much more to give, cancer took him way too fast. He is survived by his loving wife, Angel, his son Cameron, aunts and uncles (Nancy, John, Maureen, Bill, Christine, Joe), cousins (Joe, Aimee, Christopher, Heather) mother and father in law (Cindy and Lindy) and brother Ryan and sister, Krystal. He will be missed dearly. Fly high my love! We will see you again someday.

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  1. Paul was the best son-in-law that a mother could ask for. He fit so perfectly in this wild and crazy family, that he married into.
    He took the best care of my daughter and grandson. I have never seen my daughter so happy. They were always laughing together.
    They had the best marriage and were like two peas in a pod.
    Paul will be severely missed by the entire family. We know that u will watch over us from Heaven. God has truly acquired a special Angel.
    We love u Paul!!

  2. I love you so much my hubba bubba!!! Fly high my sweetheart, until we meet again!!!

  3. Paul was an amazing person and I’m so glad I had the chance to meet him. We didn’t get to make alot of memories but I will cherish the ones we made. My favorite memory of him was we were all at a concert and angel I had to use the bathroom and he wouldn’t let us go alone. So all 3 of us sang, danced and laughed the whole way. He will be missed by so many people and I can’t believe he’s gone so soon. Rest easy Paul 💔 my heart is broken. Love you bud

  4. Paul I thank you for healing my friend and your ability to lighten hearts. God has a garden just for you. Have un til everyone gets there.

  5. One thing is u were truly a special man!!! Not only funny, caring & loving but so much more, u were a hard worker and provided for ur family and made sure everything & everyone was good. U were an amazing brother in law, but we never called each other that. U always called me ur sister, and u were my brother… and that made our bond special.. u always wanted to make sure I was was go, and gave me the brother sister talks often wich i enjoyed..& i will miss… when I spent the night with u guys we all stayed up and talked all night & laughed & ate sour patch kids.. & the day we all got ready this past Halloween at ur house was so fun and special to me.. not only did u make my sister happy but u also made my nephew feel like a man and gave him the father aspect he needed in his life. Cancer fucking sucks and I know u will be looking down on the family every day, and I’ll make sure the pumpkin carving tradition keeps on even if it’s at my house.. remember brother, I love u and keep us all a seat, we will see u again one day my brother… 💕

  6. Paul was an amazing man and he was an amazing person all his life. He was my eldest nephew by my brother Mike and he went through the loss of his grandfather when a child and his half brother who he helped care for. The loss of his Dad in 2007 was devastating and when his Mom passed away a few years ago. He was a dedicated Christian who lived his faith and his love for others. It is one of the hardest losses of the past few years because he should have had many years with his beloved wife to live. He is with his Granny who I am sure is hugging him still because they were so close.
    Rest in Peace in the Presence of The Lord. Aunt Faye

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