Melissa Marie Broadnax

Melissa Marie Broadnax was born November 24, 1975, in Cleveland,
Ohio, to David and Mary Ellen Arnold, the second of three children.
She grew up in Cleveland, attending Cleveland Public Schools until she
switched to a homeschool program from which she graduated. While
attending John Hay High School, she discovered an interest in the
medical field in which she cultivated a career in nursing, culminating in
hospital administration.

Raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Melissa decided to dedicate her
life to Jehovah and was baptized on October 21, 1989, along with her
brothers. Thereafter, she served as a full-time minister for a time,
teaching others about the wonderful hope for the future which Jehovah
has promised is soon to come. Sometime later, because of her love for
her God, she served with a Russian congregation in Florida briefly.
Melissa married Tom Broadnax on June 10, 1995, and from that union
three children were born: Tom (Tre) Broadnax III, Alyson, and David (DJ)
Broadnax. A few years after Tre was born, Tom and Melissa moved to
the St. Petersburg area of Florida to live until her death on September
13, 2022.

She is survived by Tom and their three children: Tre (Dilean), Alyson,
and DJ; her mother and step-father, Mary Ellen and Terrence Rainey;
older brother Wade (Dionna); younger brother Wesley (Crystal); niece
and nephew, Jasmine and Jared; along with many other beloved family
members including aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews and
friends too numerous to mention.

5 Responses

  1. Missy was a vivacious, fun loving child whose laughter was infectious. I loved being her aunt! I have so many fun and happy memories with Missy. Sleep well out beautiful Missy Ree as I always called her. We will see you soon!!!
    Always your aunt LaLa

  2. Melissa will be greatly missed until we see her again when Jehovah tells his son, Jesus Christ, that she has slept long enough. it is now time for her to join her family once again. until that time happens though, let’s all stay close in walking with the true God Jehovah, that Melissa loved and served. … loveuncle Mike and Aunt Judi

  3. This sucks man! I have known you since I was in 13. We went to John Hay together before switching to Home School. I remember doing your hair in braids and you were my girl… as many would say (the blackest black girl I know lol) she would have laughed and so would Tee, IYKYK. She was a fun, and she was one of the people when my kids stop going to the meetings gave me good advice and made me feel good and not bash myself! She loved her kids so much and her friends. She loved Jehovah and serving him. She loved to see pic of my grand babies which she called her babies! She loved the duck face and taking pictures. I will miss her and I loved her. I will see you and Patty in the New System and we are going to have a good ole time. I know we have the hope but it still hurts. So take time grieve and cry and remember Jehovah promises to bring back our dead love one’s. Love, hugs and prayers to the WHOLE family and ALL her friends! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Look forward to see her when everything is made new, by the only One that can undo and annihilate the enemy death.
    One love. She’s the reason I’m a loyal customer of Amazon, sister showed me the ‘ropes’, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

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