Kenneth Fairfax Wilson

Kenneth Fairfax Wilson died in Largo, Florida, on January 30, 2024. Kenny was born on June 24,1943 in New London, Connecticut, to Walter Kenneth Wilson and Mary Louise Taliaferro (also known as Tobby Wilson in Key West circles). Kenny was one of 8 children and moved frequently during his childhood as his father was a career naval officer. He attended several schools growing up, but graduated from high school in Norfolk, Virginia. Upon high school graduation he married Linda Hoggard and they had a daughter, Penny Anne Wilson.  The marriage didn’t last long, and soon he was married to Charleen of the dark glasses and attending Old Dominion University.  One day he left their Norfolk apartment to go for cigarettes but went to California to purchase them. He returned a year later with the cigarettes. After Charleen divorced him he lived for a while in the “compound,” an apartment complex in Norfolk where 2 of his brothers (Mike and Peter) and many of his friends also resided.  In the early 70’s he decided to move to Italy with his latest flame to attend the Italian University for Foreigners.  Incredibly, his 2 former wives drove Kenny and Kim to New York to catch their flight.  After a few semesters of Italian he & Kim split and he moved to Germany where he met Gila and got a job in her family’s toy factory and later in their resort in Ischia.  Eventually he left Gila and traveled Europe and Africa for about 6 years, sometimes accompanied by his friend Gravedigger. He took odd jobs …working as a bartender and as a fisherman in Greece, and he slept in villages in Ethiopia and Sudan.  He hitchhiked across the Khyber Pass into Afghanistan.  He returned to the USA in the late 70’s and lived in Key West where he once again worked on fishing boats and later as the manager of an ice cream store that belonged to his brother Mike.  From Key West he moved to Port Charlotte with his new bride Doreen Johnson. They had a son, Daniel, and he also helped raise his 2 step-daughters.  And although his third marriage ended, his ex-wives remained devoted to him… such was his charm.

He was preceded in death by his parents, his brother Mike and his beloved son Daniel.  He is survived by his daughter, Penny Anne Wilson; his granddaughters, Ashley Rodriguez, Chloe Crandall, Emily Perez, and Lindsey Sumakeris;  his step-daughters, Leah MacMorris and Leslie Stieber; his brothers, Peter, Andy and Joe Wilson; his sisters, Ann, Judy, and Mary Wilson; and his sisters-in-law, Danielle and Vicki Wilson. There are also his 8 great-grand children and numerous nieces and nephews.

Kenny’s friends included people from ALL walks of life, and he created hilarious nicknames for them that always stuck…..just ask Piggly Wiggly or Gravedigger or Baseball Bob!  Although Kenny had a tough exterior he had a warm heart and was much loved by all who knew him.

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