Gustavo D. Day M.D.

Gustavo D. Day, M.D., 93, formerly known as Gustavo Orlando Diaz Valenzuela passed away peacefully on the morning of August 17, 2022.  Dr. Day was the beloved son of Maximiliano Diaz and Elena Valenzuela of Rancagua, Chile who, along with his five siblings pre-deceased him.  Gustavo was born in Rancagua, Chile, on November 15, 1928.

Dr. Day is survived by son Phillip Day, his wife Paulee and children Ryan, Dylan and Delaney of Largo, Florida; son Maximillian Day, his wife Farah and children Nicholas and Colette of Los Angeles, California; Maribeth (Day) Case, her husband David Case and children Owen and Andrew of Dublin, Ohio; and Sonia Dufey Day, his former wife of 20 years, of Lo De Lobo, Chile.

Dr. Day spent the first half of his life in Chile, South America, growing up in a large Chilean family.  Following his graduation from the University of Chile in Santiago with his Doctorate in Medicine in 1955, Gustavo received a fellowship to study medicine in the United States and Canada, specifically at Harvard University and McGill University.  Returning to Chile in 1962, he opened a private practice in Santiago, Chile as an Allergist as well as a working as a civil pediatric physician for the Servicio Nacional de Salud and on-call physician for the United State Embassy.  In 1966, he emigrated to the United States with his new wife, Sonia, to start a family and continue his medical career in pediatrics and allergy in New York State.  After the blizzard of 1978, Gustavo decided to seek a more desirable climate, moving his family and practice to Evansville, Indiana, where he exclusively practiced allergy and immunology until his retirement in 1997.  Dr. Day was a member of the American Medical Association, Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Fellow of the American College of Allergists and a member of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, and the New York State and Indiana State Medical Society’s, During his golden years, Gustavo settled in both Sarasota, Florida and then in Raleigh, NC.   Gustavo was tirelessly dedicated to his patients and widely regarded as a brilliant physician and a consummate healer, caregiver and academic.  Gustavo was particularly proud of his children and grandchildren who continue to live his legacy of hard work, dedication to study and service to others.

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