Patrick Lee McDorman

Patrick Lee McDorman, 74, of Seminole, passed away on September 20, 2021, at his residence. He was born on October 19, 1946 to Garth and Mary McDorman. Raised in Indianapolis,IN. He was raised in catholic schools and then he went to culver military school. After school he joined The Army national guard which he was honorably discharged, and from there he went to the police academy and worked robbery and homicide for 10 years. He left the police force to work for General Motor”s for the duration of his career working as an engineer. His love of football, westerns never changed all the way to the end. He had a vast knowledge of God, and was a devoted christan, his love for the lord was always there he was proud of his evangelism and helping spread the word to other’s.

Patrick is survived by his loving children, Karie Melson (Jerry), Amiee McDorman (Lexie), Ronald McDorman (Jenna) Autumn Luke (Andrew), Kristi Hampton (Kassie), and Faith Stout (Sean); grandchildren, Zack, Alexis Russell, Dillon, Jazz Melson, Dominic Miller, Phoenix, Vylett and Billy Burden, Daniel and Jazmin Ramirez, Aidan, Troy, Seraphina and Hyacinth Luke, Aaliyah Hamptio

He was preceded in death by his parents, his late wife Lanell ; Great – grandchildren, Kayden Russell, Tristan Hampton, Baby calhoun.

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