Lansing B. Natsch

Lansing B. Natsch

Lansing B. Natsch 86, passed away peacefully at his home in Tampa, Fl on October 16th, with his beloved wife Jeanette at his side.

Lansing was born on February 6th, 1935 in Brooklyn, New York. He is survived by his loving wife Jeanette, sons Lanse of New York City, Doug of Bayport, NY, Chris of Columbus, Ohio, and Paul of Tampa, Fl. He was also a proud grandfather of Ryan, Tim, Meredith, and Michael.

Lansing served in the Coast Guard in the 1950s and 1960s then worked for Carr Lowery Glass Company for many years before “retiring” to work independently servicing electric shavers in the Tampa Bay area.

Lansing was a kind person who was always willing to give the shirt off his back to anybody in need. Lansing defeated alcoholism and went on to use his own experiences to help others suffering from the same affliction.

Lansing enjoyed being with his family and was a huge fan of Tampa Bay sports teams, especially the Lightning and Rays, both of which he watched very frequently. He also was a big fan of Dixieland jazz as well as being an animal lover, especially cats.

Lansing was also a dedicated father, helping to take care of his severely disabled son, Paul, nearly until the very end.

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