Anthony J. Smarowsky

Anthony J. Smarowsky

Anthony Joseph Smarowsky, 67, of St. Petersburg, passed away in his sleep on September 20th, 2021, in his home, with his wife and son by his side. He was born on October 6th, 1953, in Ashton Pennsylvania to James and Mary Smarowsky. Anthony was raised in a catholic household with 4 other brothers and learned early the value of hard work. He had a love of life and sought to live it to its fullest, traveling the world, always seeking new adventures, and taking regular motorcycle trips across the country. Anthony worked for international paper for over 14 years, earning the reputation as a dedicated and capable man, beloved by his coworkers and the people that worked under him. He later moved down to Florida and began working for the city of St. Petersburg, helping maintain the Tropicana field and the beautiful parks through the city.

Anthony always had a love of nature, and of animals. Spending hours charming the local wildlife and taking care of injured creatures. He was known to rescue stray animals as a child, and nurse them back to health. Anthony loved to spend time in the local parks and camp sites, exploring off the beaten trails. Be it on sea or land, he was always looking for an adventure and story to tell.

Despite his gruff exterior he was always willing to help people, and often bragged about becoming friends with the worst of enemies. He had a gift for fitting in well with any group of people and could bring a smile out of people in the worst of situations. He will be remembered by loved ones for his sarcastic wit, even cracking jokes that made the whole room laugh in his final weeks. Even those who hadn’t seen Anthony for years at a time, always found an open heart, a friendly face, and a biting wit.

Of the many lessons he passed on, such as living honorably, being forgiving, and keeping to one’s principles. In his final years however, the one he considered the most important was how to achieve happiness in life. Through the many struggles life can throw at you, through the stress and disappointment, remember all that you have been given. Remember that life should not be spent in an endless search of wealth or security, but rather spent making experiences and impressions on

Anthony is predeceased by his parents, James and Mary Smarowsky, his daughter Shellie Smarowsky, his brothers Joe and Jimmy Smarowsky and his nephew Joey Smarowsky. He is survived, and his memories will be cherished by his brother Chet and Jerry Smarowsky, his wife Mary Smarowsky, and his son Ian Thompson. His memory is also survived, by the countless friends he has made throughout his life, and although the world has lost a truly positive force, his actions and values will ensure that many more people will continue making positive impacts in his name.

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