Robert A. Korosec


                                                               10/20/1933 – 01/16/2018


Robert  A. Korosec , “Bob”, died  at age 84. He  leaves behind his wife, Elizabeth  Hayek Korosec, his daughter Grace Ellen, “grand-dog” Scoob E, and  his brother Andrew C. Korosec of Blairstown, New Jersey.  

Bob was born and lived in Manville, N.J., until 1976 when he and his family moved to St. Petersburg, Florida.   In N.J. he was an avid fisherman and hunter. He was introduced to  these sports by his late Father, Andrew Korosec. Bob spent many hours trout fishing in the many streams of Central and Northern N.J. When Round Valley and Spruce Run Reservoirs opened  to fishing,  he devoted many days to catching trophy Brown and Rainbow Trout, of which two  mounted trophies were prominently displayed in Dan’s  Sport Shop at Spruce Run Reservoir.

In 1959 he began his quest to catch the great Atlantic Salmon, and with his Brother Andrew, lifetime friend George “Gus” Shulack, and good friend Sam Razzani,  made his first trip to the Miramachi River in Doaktown, New Brunswick, Canada. The fishing was not too good on the main Miramachi so Wally Doak of Doak’s Tackle shop directed him to a little town called Sillikers on the Little Southwest Miramachi River.  He fell in love with the river and the people there and made the next two fishing trips  to Sillikers, and  in 1961 built a log fishing lodge where he and his Brother Andy, Gus Shulack and Hank Kowalczyk spent a couple of weeks each June and September fishing for salmon until his move to Florida in 1976, and even once in 1977. These were the best of fishing  years and the best times good friends could have ever spent together.

Bob served on The Committee for Atlantic Salmon Emergency, C.A.S.E, with its chairman Dick Buck of Concord, N.H.,  and such notables as Ted Williams, Lee Wulff, Curt Gowdy, Bing Crosby, Marshall Field, John Olin , Al Rockwell and other celebrities whose interest was to preserve the Atlantic Salmon from extinction by the overfishing for salmon in their breeding grounds. The  efforts were successful after a trip Bob made with Dick Buck and some of his fellow committee members to Denmark to plead their case to the  Danish Fisheries Minister and Foreign Minister. The Danes curtailed their overfishing and regulated the salmon catch to ensure that today we still have this great sport fish.

Bob was also an avid small game hunter chasing pheasant around Hillsboro, Quakertown, Ringoes, Flemington, Pittstown and other Hunterdon County New Jersey fields and woods, shooting many of the wary and elusive birds.

After moving to St. Petersburg, Florida, Bob continued his fishing quest to catch the wild and elusive tarpon.  Bob and his brother Andrew spent the next fifteen years during the first couple of weeks in June chasing, catching and releasing from spinning and flyrods,  the mighty tarpon, the greatest fighting sport fish ever to swim the oceans. Bob and Andy each won several trophies for the weekly largest fish caught.


While living in Manville, N.J., Bob owned his own insurance business. He was active in founding the Manville Elks Club where he was a charter member and officer for four years and was a Life Member with over 55 years as an active member.  His daughter carries on the tradition as an active Elk.  Bob was also elected to the Manville Board of Education where he served three years.


He left his many friends and relatives behind when he, Elizabeth and Grace Ellen moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, but he still kept in contact with all and took annual vacations to his brother’s home in New Jersey to get together with old friends

In Florida,  Bob and Elizabeth owned a gift shop on Treasure Island.  He also worked at the St. Petersburg Kennel Club for 15 years. He met many interesting people in his business and at his position at the Kennel Club, and has maintained these friendships for over forty years.

Bob will miss his family and friends and particularly his Mother Anna who died in November of 1994.  All of them contributed to his good life, which will last forever.

Note from family:  Services private at Christ the King Church, Manville, New Jersey.  Many thanks to Abbey Affordable for their gracious service and to the doctors and ICU and ER staff at St. Anthony’s Hospital for their excellent care.

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